We are experts at value engineering projects to meet your expectations and budgets. Ezwall routinely works with architects and general contractors to assist in the design and implementation of all masonry related building exteriors. We provide color and texture samples to ensure building owners get the best result possible. Additionally, we create professionally assembled submission packages to key players to ensure building owners are excited about their projects and guests are attracted to their buildings. We are happy to assist by providing detailed drawings and actual “cut away” replicas of the actual system being considered.


Wall Systems are a collection of multiple components that when used in conjunction with one another create a “wall system”. Cement plaster wall systems provide durable building facades with choices of vibrant colors and textures.

Ezwall manufacturers Fiberfactor, a fiber reinforced stucco system that utilizes modern technology and is available in one coat and three coat systems that combine the best of both worlds. Fiberfactor allows for the strength and affordability of traditional stucco with benefits of high-performance acrylic finishes and air/water-resistive barriers. Fiberfactor offers:

  • Design freedom with aesthetic appeal
  • One and three coat assemblies
  • Highly durable and impact/crack resistant
  •  Economical
  • Air and water-resistive barrier


Wall systems that incorporate thermal components increase energy efficiency and by their very nature “Greener” than most all other wall systems. When properly installed by experts, they are energy efficient, require very little cement, and the components are lighter and therefore much less expensive to transport, saving fuel and energy. The application of a continuous Insulated Wall System can totally remake a buildings image.

Ezwall manufactures our own brand of Continuously Insulated wall systems called “R-Factor”. Because we are a manufacturer of the products we install, our “cost of goods” to provide this energy efficient system to building owners is much lower than our competitors, whom are nothing more than “applicators” of CI products. Clearly this makes us an undisputed expert in Continous Insulated Wall Systems. Ezwall’s R-Factor® system offers ease of use, low maintenance, moisture drainage, aesthetic appeal, and design flexibility. In addition, finishes come in a wide range of colors and textures and offer proven durability.


Ezwall is uniquely qualified in the application of products involving polyurethanes, acrylic, bituminous and cementous ingredients because we manufacture wall systems every day that utilize these waterproofing agents. Our masonry crews are expertly trained in the application of liquid and moisture barriers. Waterproofing in buildings is the formation of an impervious barrier over surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls and other structural members of buildings to prevent water penetrations through these surfaces. The proper application of moisture barriers requires training and experience. Commonly used materials for waterproofing in building is cementitious material, bituminous material, liquid waterproofing membrane and polyurethane liquid membrane. Waterproofing provides the ability to hold back water, build below grade, resist growth of mold and prevents interior wood from rotting.


Weather barriers are essential to erecting an efficient and durable building. Ezwall manufacturer’s and installs our own fluid applied water-resistant air barrier called Hydrofactor. Because this outstanding weather barrier is locally produced, it can be applied for significantly less money than similar solutions on the market, and we often work with architects to value engineer this solution into projects to save building owners money. Hydrofactor is ready mixed, and provides a continuous membrane with no seams around your building, while also providing essential the moisture drainage required to preserve your structure. It’s water soluble for easy clean-up which makes it easy on our environment. It’s green, energy efficient, and made right here in Texas, providing employment opportunity to a multitude of Texans. Ezwall also installs traditional building wraps manufactured by others to provide a multitude of options for GC’s and architects when choosing a vendor.


Ezwall provides commercial grade masonry services to general contractors and building owners throughout Texas and the surrounding states. We fabricate stone and hard veneers at our plant in Dallas and on-site to meet field conditions as they arise. Our expertise includes the installation of all varieties of masonry:

  • structural CMU, brick, thin brick, natural stone, cultured stone, dimensional limestone, cast stone, mosaic tile, pavers, hardscapes and all types of hard veneers.

Ezwall is qualifies as your supersub for providing building veneers and weather barriers. Our masonry installation services are competitively priced and often complement the installation of our cement plaster and continuous insulation wall systems. We provide the general contractor and building owner with a “one stop shop” for all masonry and plaster required to complete the façade of your building and its surroundings. For GC’s and owners alike, this simplifies the submittal process, requires fewer pay applications to process, and makes the process of installing your building envelope easier to manage.